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Most Recent Bottlings added
Parker's Heritage Collection - Malt Whiskey (108 proof, 8 years old)
The Steward's Solera Bourbon (100 proof)
Michter's Limited Release Bourbon Toasted Barrel Finish (91.4 proof)
Parker's Heritage Collection Wheat Whiskey (127.4 proof, 13 years old)
Elijah Craig 23 year old (90 proof, 23 years old)
Wyoming Whiskey (88 proof, 3 years old)
Belle Meade (90.4 proof)
James E. Pepper 1776 (100 proof)
Parker's Heritage Collection "Promise of Hope" (96 proof, 10 years old)
Elijah Craig 21yo (90 proof, 21 years old)
Town Branch (80 proof)
Neversweat (80 proof)
Elijan Craig Barrel Proof (134.2 proof, 12 years old)
Mastersons Straight Rye (90 proof, 10 years old)
Clyde Mays Conecuh Ridge (85 proof)
Bulleit 95 Rye (95 proof)
Angel's Envy Cask Strength (123.7 proof)
Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2012 (97 proof, 12 years old)
Colonel E. H. Taylor, Jr. Rye (100 proof)
E.H. Taylor, Jr. Barrel Proof
E.H.Taylor, Jr. Tornado Surviving Bourbon (100 proof)
Parker's Heritage Collection Blend of Mashbills (127 proof, 11 years old)
John E. Fitzgerald Larceny (92 proof)
Elijah Craig 20yo single barrel (90 proof, 20 years old)
Leopold Bros. Maryland Style Rye (86 proof)
McKenzie Wheated Bourbon (91 proof)
McKenzie Traditional Bourbon (91 proof)
Knob Creek Single Barrel (120 proof, 9 years old)
Blue State / Red State (80 proof)
Delaware Phoenix Distillery Bourbon Whiskey (100 proof)
Parker's Heritage Collection Barrel Finished (100 proof, 10 years old)
Glen Thunder Corn Whiskey (90 proof)
Rye Dog (100 proof)
Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch (110.1 proof, 15 years old)
Angel's Envy (86.6 proof)
Parker's Heritage Collection Wheated Bourbon (127.8 proof, 10 years old)
Black Malle Hill (95 proof)
WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey (100 proof, 10 years old)
Woodford Reserve Masters Collection Seasoned Oak Finish (100.4 proof, 1 years old)
George T. Stagg 2009 (141.4 proof)
Old Weller Antique 'New Label' (107 proof)
Henry McKenna (80 proof, 6 years old)
Clemintine (101 proof, 8 years old)
Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2009 (94 proof, 12 years old)
Jefferson's Reserve, Presidential Select (94 proof, 17 years old)
Rittenhouse Rye (100 proof, 25 years old)
Old Forester '75th Anniversary of Repeal' (100 proof, 13 years old)
Old Grand Dad (86 proof, 4 years old)
Parker's Heritage Collection 'Golden Anniversary' (100 proof)
Old Charter 7 (86 proof, 7 years old)
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