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Bottling NameGeorge T. Stagg 2005 (Fall Release)
Bottled ByBuffalo Trace Distillery Frankfort,KY
TypeKentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Alcohol content141.2 Proof
Availability US: No Longer Available Japan: No Longer Available Duty Free: Not Available Europe: No Longer Available
Views (since 20080612) 7987
Bottling Info

Review from spun_cookie (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 959, Created:20071225172556)
Purchased at:ebay - collectors item (I collect small amounts in glasses)
Purchased for:$100
Nose:There is molasses, caramel, butterscotch, cream, very light oak, '

If I could crawl inside this glass I would ... this is what I like to smell when I drink bourbon...
Taste:molasses, caramel and then strong alcohol, there is a honey (desert honey) sensation in the taste - I liken it to some very good baklava with a kick wrapped in a soft piece of leather... aged in oak

Finish:0-15 seconds the alcohol is strong vanilla/honey and burn
15-30 seconds the alcohol fades and some of that wonderful molasses shows with very light oak and my tong tingles a little ... there is a distinct taste of honey with vanilla - like baklava
30-45 seconds leaves a full sensation of good bourbon that is high in alcohol . . the vanilla shown back up, but becomes muted by oak
45-60 seconds the oak shares its time with a little light (sweet) leather)

60 seconds plus it is much of the same - the alcohol burn is equal to the flavors of molasses, honey, light oak
Overall:dzell is so fond of this one and I do enjoy the barrel proof (most of them anyhow), so I had to give this a try - nice little Christmas gift to myself....

This is definitely a sipper... just a little cross the pallet almost evaporates to quickly. I find that a good sip of this and a little sitting around the mouth shows the complexity.

Very happy I have been fortunate enough to give it a taste. Might have to keep my eyes open for some of he older vintages that were so popular with this sight....

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Review from bourbonv (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 570, Created:20060819135602)
Purchased at:Evergreen Liquors
Purchased for:49.00
Info on this bottle:Standard Bottle
Proof Of this Bottle:141.2
Nose:Lots of wood and caramel with some nutmeg and other sweet spices. Some old leather and when it was first poured there was a little corn husk.
Taste:Some alcohol heat but not as much as you would expect for such a high proof product. Caramel and vanilla with oak wood giving it a very dessert like taste. The sweet spices come through on the taste with cinnamon and nutmeg sprinkled on the creme brule' for desert.
Finish:Very short compared to the taste. Starts very sweet with caramel but dries out for some wood tannins that last for a few minutes but then end.
Overall:Very nice but not as different from previous years as I would like. A little more variety in the flavor profile would make this a much more interesting product from year to year.

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Review from TNBourbon (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 557, Created:20060731161037, Updated:20060731161415)
Purchased at:Middle Tennessee
Purchased for:$56.80, after tax
Proof Of this Bottle:141.2
Nose:Well, the alcohol can clear your sinuses, but it's a sense, not a smell. Corn husks with underlying vanilla lead, followed up quickly by freshly-opened orange -- the fleshy center, not the peel. Give a couple of minutes, and the expected cinnamon/Red Hots take a turn. (Swirl, swish!) More, richer vanilla, and -- yep, bananas (just right this time, usually they're overripe), I always sense bananas in Stagg! Power of suggestion, or just a slippery slope? (After letting the empty glass sit a few minutes, it's all fresh, husked corn, newly-cribbed.)
Taste:The corn is first, followed by a blast of alcohol heat, then more definite corniness. Ah, there's the leather, about mid-palate (now in the nose, too -- hmmm, do we smell what we taste, or taste what we smell?). The leather softens and lingers.
Finish:No blast furnace here. No "I'm not leaving!", in-your-face attitude. Pleasant, medium, fresh. Lightly tannic, but without sourness. Virtually no aftertaste. Ready, set, again!..
Overall:Conclusions: Some of the earlier Stagg issues have been EVENTS! Big, bold, complex flavor packages that become almost a hodge-podge of sensory enfilade. GTS has matured. The Fall 2005 is a 'nice' bourbon. I suspect that will disappoint some. Even though I like it, I'm a little disappointed myself -- despite its uniform pleasantness, I'm still looking for the slap across the face to make me notice it. On the other hand, I DO like it. There are no 'off' notes, no unpleasant sensations. I can see its versatility and value -- diluted 2:1, I have a bottle-and-a-half of 94-proof bourbon suitable for drinking 'neat', mixing a Manhattan, or backboning a vatting. But, then, there are plenty of other bourbons with which to do those things. So, I leave you to your own conclusions. And, I'll just see where this bottle of Stagg takes me.

Postscript: I diluted a second pour 2:1 (whiskey:water) -- to about 94 proof -- and discovered Elmer T. Lee! Not an exact match, mind you -- the latter is a single-barrel -- but I couldn't tear myself away from the comparison. So, I popped the top of my open bottle of (90-proof, of course) ETL, and nosed. Similarities. I did what may be a first-ever for me -- I took a swig of the ETL right from the bottle. Then the diluted Stagg. I wonder how Elmer feels about this version of Stagg?

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