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Bottling NameOld Fitzgerald
Bottled ByHeaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. Bardstown,KY
TypeKentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Alcohol content100 Proof
Availability US: Available Japan: Unknown Duty Free: Unknown Europe: Unknown
Views (since 20080612) 17745
Bottling InfoBottled in Bond

Review from spun_cookie (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1319, Created:20081017185524)
Purchased at:DC
Purchased for:$18
Info on this bottle:1996, 750ml
Nose:o Leather
o Earth
o Hey
o Corn
o Some Butter
o Light Buttery Vanilla
o White Wine Grape ??? Chardonnay
Taste:o Caramel
o Then some vanilla
o Light Oak
o Leather
o Earth
Finish:o Light Leather
o Light Oak
o Popping Vanilla
o Sweetness ??? sugar water
o Light Burn
Overall:As time passes on the noses, they all work their way into the same scents. It is interesting that they start with different levels of Butter, Vanilla and sweetness and then move into earth

Definitely can tell these are all the same receipt, but something is making them different in the way they unfold. The changing of the equipment of something, but I have no doubt these are all Old Fitz Bib.

Only the 96 would through me on the early nose and tasting, but over time it gives up the ghost.

As far as which one is the best; I cannot really say. Each of them are good for different reasons. I think I lean towards wanting to drink the 82 and 85 because they are older, but I have to say that now that I have done a one-one-one-one of these 4, I would drink any of them. My preference is not the closet one to where I am standing.

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Review from OldJack (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1225, Created:20080807215757)
Purchased at:part of a bourbon swap
Purchased for:A bottle of Henry McKenny BIB from 1994.
Nose:Color: Deep honey.

Nose: Ahhhhhhhhhhh.... oaky vanilla goodness. No harshness on the nostrils at all
Taste:Corn, cherries, pecans.- same flavor groups as Weller Antique, but no where near as smooth or refined.

This is rough and ready bourbon for when you are feeling macho- not an epic sipper for evenings of contemplation. Then again, there is always room for a little macho in my bar.
Finish:Oily and lasting, with a pleasant raisin-like glow.
Overall:On a whim, I mixed this w/ some Rebel Yell and wound up with a nice little wheater vatting which reminds me of Maker's Mark. In doing so, I think I found the potential strength of this bourbon: it is a great mixer. This may have toppled OGBIB's place as my go-to bonded bourbon.

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Review from spun_cookie (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1158, Created:20080618204542, Updated:20080802225139)
Purchased at:DC
Info on this bottle:1992 375 ml...
Nose:Good bourbon... little oak, lots of complex smells like golden raisins, light earth and floral. This is like a scoop of Dryer's old fashion French vanilla with Raisins and honey.
Taste:Light taste that grows with time...

The vanilla and golden raisins just roar up with the burn ..
Finish:Melons (cantaloupe and Honeydew), and then golden raisins very strong... and fades with French vanilla.
Overall:This is a fun bourbon. I do not get to try ones like this often. These Old Fitz's have such a great range of characteristics....

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Review from LogicalFrank (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 728, Created:20070318122109) View discussion on this review.
Purchased at:Avondale Liquors in Chicago
Purchased for:$13.00
Info on this bottle:Bottled in Bond
Proof Of this Bottle:100
Nose:Potent w/ a definite accent on woody aromas, a bit or cherry and vanilla as well a faint nutty quality.
Taste:Something of an eye-opener, in a smack-in-the-face kind of way. Crisp w/ a twinge of sweetness, some vegetal character and a raw whallop of barrel char.
Finish:Evaporative and quick, somewhat thin w/ some lingering sweetness and oak notes.
Overall:It's cheap whiskey and it's very good. Rough around the edges to say the least but w/ enough character that it's still a tasty pour.

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Review from bourbonv (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 423, Created:20060318080428)
Purchased at:Bourbon's Bistro Bar
Purchased for:5.00
Info on this bottle:Standard Bottle
Proof Of this Bottle:100
Nose:Candy corn with a little oak. Ahint of pecans and caramel.
Taste:Caramel and corn with pepper spice and a hint of apple fruit.
Finish:Long and sweet with caramel and oak.
Overall:Good for an old fashoined cocktail.

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Review from gillmang (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 230, Created:20050731063225, Updated:20050731063649)
Purchased at:Providence, RI
Purchased for:$15.00
Info on this bottle:Marked as made in Louisville at distillery no. 1 and bottled at no. 31, so Bernheim whiskey bottled at HH
Nose:Light, charred notes, some ethanol
Taste:Kind of woody in the background, not burned wood but "fresh wood", similar to the taste behind Evan Williams' whiskey but without the minty tang from the rye. Very good integration of high proof and the other elements, i.e., very little heat. No pecan flavour such as Mike described in the Stitzel-Weller version distilled in the 1970's.
Finish:Light wood again, some ethamol lingering, some char but not showing the kind of full length the Stitzel-WEller version did nor the finesse of taste.
Overall:Good whiskey and a good value to be sure but not a patch on the Old Fitzgerald Bonded Bourbon I tried with the Van Winkles and Mike some months ago in Louisville made in the 1950's-1960's. The pecan nut sweetness and overall refined taste shown in that whiskey and in the 1970's SW production just aren't in the current version. Still, it is a good whiskey and I plan to use it partly for my blending experiments. E.g., I think mingled 50/50 with, say, Kentucky Spirit or another caramelly, rye-accented whiskey the mingling could be very good.

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