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Bottling NameBlack Maple Hill 16 year old
Bottled ByKentucky Bourbon Distillers, Ltd. Bardstown,KY
TypeKentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Alcohol content94.8 Proof
Availability US: No Longer Available Japan: Not Available Duty Free: Not Available Europe: Not Available
Views (since 20080612) 21360
Bottling InfoA new Black Maple Hill 16 year old is available but it is different whiskey from a different distiller.

"...concentrated, very peppery and even mildly fruity...the bouquet turns serenely intense and nutty...remarkably toasty/dark caramel perfume competes with the buttery element making for a smashing finale-LOVE IT." Spirit Journal Rating 3 Stars

Review from Mike (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 2093, Created:20120702170349, Updated:20120702194845) View discussion on this review.
Purchased at:Sigman Bottle Shop, Conyers, GA
Purchased for:I do not recall - it was a good while back - the bottle was out of sight for a long time
Info on this bottle:16 Years Old Limited Edition Small Batch
Nose:The nose is on the soft side, with oak, leather, nutmeg, barrel char, and a touch of honey. It is complex, sophisticated, and almost delicate with undertones of cognac. A very promising nose of the sort that always gets my attention.
Taste:Low key sweetness with a bit of caramel, a skosh of citrus and cherries, very light char, and oak in abundance. There is a hint of cognac-like delicate sweetness that sets this bourbon apart from younger bourbons. Its wonderful taste contains many subtle flavors that work together like a symphony. Great Bourbon!
Finish:Moderately long with a hint of the alcohol that upon evaporation leaves the drying oak, which still allows some of the sweetness and complex flavors to play and bring pleasure.
Overall:This is a superb bourbon, one to savor at leisure. It is highly complex and balanced, with the delicacy that I so prize in a bourbon.

I do not recall when I purchased this bottle, but it has been a while ago. For some reason that excapes me, it sat at the back of a shelf and went unnoticed for a long time. Fortunately, it is about !/2 full. I expect I paid around $85? If it is available now it is a lot more I am sure. I believe this was distilled and aged at Heaven Hill Distillery and exhibits that wonderful HH ultra aged taste profile.

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Review from bourbonv (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 546, Created:20060723080123)
Purchased at:Drank it at party
Proof Of this Bottle:95
Nose:Lots of oak with caramel and fine tobacco and a hint of fruit.
Taste:Fruity ripe blackberries with caramel and oak and maybe a bit of hazelnut.
Finish:Caramel and fruit but the dominate flavor is the oak. An oak dryness that last and last.
Overall:If you like a lot of wood but wood that is not overpowering the taste, then this is your bourbon.

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